Thursday, August 28, 2008

Figure Drawing!

some 5-10 min charcol drawings from my figure drawing class at Otis.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some more characters!

here's some more character paintings, I hope to post some stuff ive been doing at Universal Studios next.

Plasma Girl

Some sort of super girl that can shoot green plasma stuff outta her hands.


Fishy type character i decided to call Nightkill

A Couple Matte Paintings

Some Environments

Here's some environments. The black and white ones in the middle my friend and fellow artist Cliff helped me out with, thanks Cliff!

Drawing Dump

Drawings from life. The lower pages were done while being a Teacher's Assistant for Life Drawing courses, so some of em are demos dealing with structure and all that good stuff.

What?! Fourth Post?!

Doom City!

Third Post!

character I painted a lil while ago, glowing handheld chainsaws.

Next Post!

Never really finished this one, probably will lata.

First Post!

Hey Everybody,
First blog, first post. I'm a concept artist from Los Angeles, CA. Currently work at Universal Studios Hollywood as a concept artist and attend Otis: College of Art and Design, now in my junior year. Major: Digital Media: Concept Art.
I'll be posting paintings and drawings, mainly characters, creatures and environments. Also some life drawings and sketches. I'll probably post a bunch in the next half hour, lol.
I also have a deviantart page at
my email is and this blog's address is
Hope ya like it, feel free to leave comments!